When Bob Iger appeared onstage at a shareholder meeting in St. Louis on March 7th, 2019 and declared that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, repeatedly touted as “the largest single-themed land expansion in the company’s history,” would open at Disneyland ahead of schedule, just a few months from then, the storied response from many employees working diligently on the project at the time was a confounded, “exsqueeze me?”

As has become a company tradition dating back to 1955, the land would not be ready in its entirety for opening day. (At no fault of those making the magic happen.) The world’s…

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Batuu by Eloc Throno (the galactic pseudonym of author Cole Horton) is a reference handbook to the fictional planet created as the setting for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the Disney themed land. But which world does this unyieldingly “in-world” guide reference?

While the book itself cannot reasonably be described as an advertisement for the parks (any more than the other Galaxy’s Edge multi-platform story extensions could be), due to the ambitious desire to be similarly diegetic, they do share language used to simultaneously describe fictional lore and real-world consumables in advertising copy.


Nick Tierce

Writer. Designer. Rabbithole cartographer.

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